Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oregon Visit Part 3


Towards the end of the week, Joseph finally started getting some good Harris family time.

Maureen, my mother-in-law greeted us with HOMEMADE OREOS


Now, if you know Maureen, you will know how unusual this is! :)  That made it even more special.

There must be something about Grandpas, because Joseph thinks that his Grandad is really neat.


Different and surprising, but really neat!!

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There is something that you should all know.  In the Harris family, Joseph is the first grandchild.  This makes him the smartest, cutest, sweetest, most spoiled grandchild too!  Basically, he gets to do whatever he wants and everyone just sits around and smiles/watches/laughs.

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See what happens when I'm not around? IMG_0774 (Caught you Lisa! And you call yourself a Health Care Professional...)

Joseph got to open his Birthday present from Grandmo and Grandad.  He got this stylin' shirt from Tiny Sprouts,IMG_0768 another cute outfit, and this top that he LOVES!IMG_0772

Then, Joseph got to ride between his Daddy and his Uncle John to go to the annual VERBOORT FESTIVAL!!!IMG_0776   Apparently, this is an annual get-together where people sit and eat obscene amounts of Verboort sausage, sauerkraut, and other goodies.  (I was at a baby shower, pictures coming later, and couldn't make it.) IMG_0777 It is a Harris family tradition, and this time Joseph not only got to tag along, he also got to sample the fare.IMG_0786

Brian's best friend since Kindergarten, and his wife (who is also my friend and a follower of this blog- shout out to Britney!!) also got to stop by to love on Joseph and marvel at his size and tricks.IMG_0798 IMG_0815

Basically, everyone at the Harris house loves Joseph, and they can't get enough of him!





Maureen said...

I think you absolutely nailed this blog entry. WE ADORE HIM... oh, and his mommy and daddy, too!

T Rex Mom said...

The trip looked like it was full of family and fun! Joseph is so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who just love and adore him! He is going to grow up one happy kid!

Momma said...

Some of my best memories and experiences with my grandchildren has been reading books to them. I am so happy Joseph has TWO grandmas to read to him and to love him. I liked the last photo in this section of Maureen reading to him!

britney said...

Thanks for the shout out. Woop Woop holla!