Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today Joseph Discovered:

- The joy that comes from popping a blueberry in his bare hands. Over. And over.

- It takes 7 canned peach halves to make his tummy feel round, full, and happy. (and sticky)

- He has some sort of toy between his legs.... (Actually, he discovered this on Sunday. So I guess I should say that he REdiscovered this during diaper changes.)

- A white sheet can be fun for lots of things, and will keep him laughing for a long, long time. (Drag him on it, use it as a "parachute," makes forts out of it, etc.

- Crayons are boring and taste bad.

- Ravioli makes him vomit.

Today Caitlin Discovered:

- Any kind of medical procedures, or the thought of them, are WAAAY harder on the Mama than on the baby.

- A hot fudge sundae, or the promise of one in the evening, can help you get through anything.



Maureen said...

Great choice on the hot fudge sundae and you deserve the cherry on top and whipped cream too sweet Momma! Just dwell on the fact that Joseph is going to be better than ever (which is hard to even imagine) after he gets those tubes. That always helped me... that and chocolate :) Love you all!

mommy molden said...

Take it from a mom that has gone through- via my child- MANY medical procedures- the anticipation is WAY worse than the event and he will be FINE!! We will be praying for you both!