Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Year Appointment


So, Joseph had his one year appointment today!  He is, essentially, a giant.  A skinny-ish giant.  With an average head.

He was off the charts for height (32.5 inches- but I am guessing closer to 33 because he was wiggling), 75% for weight (25 lbs. of LOOOOVE!), and 50% for head.  He liked being naked, and smiled/flirted with the nurse (slightly embarrassing.)  But, he cried the whoooooole time the doctor was in the room.  He hates having his ears looked at, and he was freaked out the whole time, anticipating that the dr. would pin him down and look in them.

Which he did.

He found puss and infection in both ears.  Poor baby!

So, now the time has come for Joseph to get tubes in his ears.  I have an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist on Tuesday.  With his limited antibiotic options, his infections are just not going away.  This is his 6th one THAT WE KNOW ABOUT in the past 8 months.  Sigh.

So, maybe after this surgery, he will start sleeping in until 8, eating whatever I give him, and laughing happily all day? 

Yeah, and maybe I will get a pony...

The upside of being up at 5am, is that you get to enjoy these spectacular sunrises!!




Dear Joseph,

I am sorry for all of the times this past week when I said, "Quit your whining," "That's enough" or "You are FINE!!"  Also, I am sorry for cursing at you in my head every time I hear your voice at 5 AM.  Perhaps you have learned something from the Boy Who Cried Wolf?  Please take a long nap.

Love Mommy


T Rex Mom said...

So sorry to hear about the ear tubes :( Who's your ENT Doc?

Maureen said...

So, turns out Josephs daddy was 33 inches and 26lbs 4ozs at 1 year old - pretty darn close!
Sorry about the ear infections - he sure is a tough little guy to be so smiley even with smoldering ear infections!
LOVE the sunrises - they are certainly a gift for early risers.

Lara said...

My son had an ear infection every 3 weeks for about 4 months, before we got tubes. He started walking about a week after...probably because he had better balance!