Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cast your votes!



I know that you are all waiting on pins and needles for pictures from my trip, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to blog about election day.


Today I voted at the polls for the first time.  Last election I voted as well, but I used a mail-in ballot and just voted for the candidate who represented my party. 

This year I researched, watched videos, had to actively register in Idaho, and actually took the time to go to the polls and stick my ballot in the box.

I felt like I was going to cry like a million times.

Once when I saw that, at 10:15 in the morning, the parking lot was so full that it was street parking only.  What a turn out!


Once when I heard the patriotic music playing in the background.

(no cameras allowed inside for privacy reasons, so you will just have to imagine.)

Again when I saw an old man with a veterans hat being helped to the polls. (I mean, come on!  Was this staged?!)

When I finished voting, and turned to see my baby smiling at me.

And when I turned in my ballot and the lady said “Caitlin ____ has voted in the 2008 election.”

Then I got a sticker, which I wore proudly to Winco.IMG_8269 

Really, what’s the only thing more American then getting vast quantities of cheap, mediocre food at Winco?  Voting.

I know that Idaho will go red no matter who I vote for.  I know that electoral votes, not popular votes, will determine the election.  But I still feel the need to vote. 

I vote because I can. 

I vote because I know that I would want to if I couldn’t. 

I vote because it is what women have fought for for years.

I vote because I think that it is pretty great that I, as a woman, can vote different than my husband or parents if I so choose.  I should support a country like that. 

And I vote because I want my son to see that I do.  IMG_8265 Okay, so he was pretty bored.  But some day, he will notice and, hopefully, it will become a priority for him as well.

(Did anybody else REALLY want to peak over the barrier to see who the person next to you was voting for?  Anybody?)



Maureen said...

Way to go Caitlin! Voting IS important and I'm glad you made the effort. Joseph looks bored, but very cute in his dinosaur hat and boots :)

T Rex Mom said...

Yeah - glad you, too, could go vote!!! There was no one at the voting booth for me to peek in on! Thomas did not get to go with me as I was working, but I am certain he would not have been as calm looking at Joseph is!

Carrie said...

hwo did you vote for president?