Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oregon Visit Part 2


This was the first visit where I really saw Joseph interacting with his cousins.  He seemed like a little buddy, vs. just a baby. IMG_8057 IMG_8083 Only one cousin, Alana, tried to “hold him,” and Joseph just calmly crawled away.  His holding days are over.

My (very pregnant) sister, Christin, got to love on Joseph a little. IMG_8059 It was brief, because he gets impatient, and she has five children. ( number six in the oven.)



My cousin, her husband, and their chubby little baby got to stop by for a quick visit. 

It was the first time that we had a chance to have the boys’ pictures taken together.


Please note that they had on coordinating outfits from the same line at Gymboree.  Yeah, my cousin and I are tight like that. 


She and I used to dress up as twins to try to fool people.  Although we didn’t look that much alike (our moms are identical twins, but still...)  Right down to the same colored sweatshirt tied around our waists.  What sad, sad dorks we were.  But, that is another story.

Then, of course, it was time to get the boys’ pictures taken together in their Halloween costumes.


Couldn’t. You. Just. Die?!



Things that I love about this picture:


In a few years, they are going to really hate us for making them wear this.

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T Rex Mom said...

I love the photos. Your sister looks great. Okay, so if your mom and aunt are identical twins, wouldn't that make you and your cousin half sisters? There is definitely a resemblance. Pretty cool that you both have baby boys!