Wednesday, November 5, 2008



This past Friday was Halloween!!!  One of my favorite Holidays.  This year I was pumped because I had a baby to "share it with"  (aka to get free candy for me.)

In the afternoon, I went out to my sister, Carrie's house.  Joseph got to play and wrestle with his cousin Aidan. 

October Oregon Visit

For a rare treat, both the boys napped at the same time, while the older girls were at school.  Carrie and I were able to visit one on one and drink coffee.  Heavenly.

After Brenna and Grace came home from school, we all hightailed it back to my Mom and Dad's house to get ready for trick or treating!!  IMG_1515 My brother, his kids, and his (again, very pregnant) girlfriend joined us.IMG_1514 IMG_1506

The gang.


First time trick-or-treating!!IMG_8173




Highlights include:

My nephew Rivers screaming hysterically whenever he didn't get to push the doorbell.  As soon as someone came to the door, he would instantly stop, and say sweetly, "Trick or Treat.  Thank you!"

Rivers:  "Look what I got!" (holding up a Snicker's bar)

Brian:  "Oh!  A Snickers!"

Rivers:  "It's not STICKERS!!!  It's Candy!!!!!"  Then running to the next house.

Little boy at the door:  "Look at that little baby boy who is a chick, Daddy!"

Man:  "That's a little GIRL son."

Little boy:  "Oh."

My sister Carrie saying "This House No!" to a family whom she assumed didn't speak English.  (for the record, I don't think that they did.  But still...)

We got back to the house, put Joseph straight to bed, and proceeded to eat almost all of his candy. 


Sweet, sweet Halloween.



Maureen said...

SO glad Brian was there to share Josephs' first trick or treating with you...and the candy :)

T Rex Mom said...

That's what Halloween is all about - candy, kids, costumes, and fun! So glad you had a great time and were able to spend it with family!