Saturday, November 22, 2008



Gosh, I am sorry that this week has sucked in my blog world.  I guess I just haven't had anything really that interesting or witty to say.  Hmmm.  Seems that it has been a pretty draining week, what with the tubes, and Joseph's chronic-4something-wakeups.  And really, no one wants to log on to my blog and just hear me whine.  So, instead, I say nothing.

A few positive things though.

It snowed today, which was beautiful.

I got to see both of my good friends today, it was Thomas' birthday, and then I got to hang out with Colleen while Brian went to a party.  So that was nice.

Today was my due date last year.  This was the date that I counted down to for nine months.  I am so glad that he came out (was kicked out) a week early, though, because I got to do this on my due date.

joseph112807 009

joseph112807 007

Pretty sweet.  Except for my greasy hair-that's not so sweet.  Oh well, if it comes down to shower or sleep, I sleep every time.

Keep your fingers crossed that I come across some funny happenings next week...and, again, I apologize.  You can't be on all the time, yes?


Maureen said...

Hey Sweet Caitlin... as much as you DO entertain your "bloggies" you sure don't HAVE to. It's OK to be reflective too, especially when you share such wonderful flashbacks! Love you!

Momma said...

I thought you were going to do your Thursday culinary adventure today!! Oh well, there's always next week, I guess. Have you tried giving Joseph some Triaminic for "his congestion?" (Translate that, "to help him sleep?!")
I like seeing these photos of him taken last year. He has sure learned a lot in a short ammount of time! Babies are amazing, aren't they?

T Rex Mom said...

You look like such a content mother. And I personally think the hair makes the whole "new-mom" look. After this morning's posting, I think once again you asked and were answered - you asked for some interesting happenings for the week and I think putting Joseph in the skull and bones PJs was tempting fate! Keep asking for a million dollars!