Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saturday is Party Day

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Last Saturday was the craziest day of all!

While Brian and Joseph were at Verboort Festival, my brother’s girlfriend Ashley had a baby shower at my parents house. IMG_1557

My mom hosted and we girls helped set up.  There was a crisis involving a baby shower game that got sent off with my dad, but I saved the day and came up with a replacement.

I pretty much saved the whole shower.IMG_1543

Here are my two sisters and me!IMG_0110

Plus our Mom and Grandma.IMG_0117

Then, my sisters and I hurried out to my sister’s house to get set up for the  family Halloween party / Joseph’s Birthday.

Carrie was stuck in the back with all of the balloons.IMG_8197-1

Christin and my niece Alana had set up the room so cute for Joseph!IMG_8203   I added some streamers and Rainbow Chip cupcakes, and we were set to go!IMG_8200

The Halloween party was a huge success!!  We had pumpkin bingo, pumpkin ring toss, a pumpkin craft, bobbing for apples, pumpkin playdough, and the Auntie “Mummy Wrap.” IMG_8231 That’s me.

They say that our teams tied, but I think that my team totally won.  Carrie’s team lost! (I tend to be a bit competitive.)

The costumes were also primo.

My sister Christin’s family, who was the only group missing from the trick or treating shot.IMG_1581

Check out those High School Musical Cheerleaders!IMG_1585

Bumblebee + Ape = True Love.IMG_0119

My brother Daniel and Ashley didn’t actually dress up. IMG_1602 Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Brian was Michael PhelpsIMG_1612

I was a farmer,IMG_1589 and Joseph was my chick.

Mom and Dad were (slightly creepy) ghosts.IMG_1593

I seem to remember that we weren’t allowed to dress up as ghosts, witches, or devils as kids.  Hypocritical much? :)

Then, it was time for Joseph’s birthday party….


Aunt Ricki said...

What about the old lady that helped you "save the day?" Afterall, I wrote down the numbers and what kind of candy bar it was. Hah! It was a lot of fun!

Caitlin said...

Okay, it was a little you too! :) At least 70-30....

Momma said...

Perhaps a tad bit hypocritical, that's true, but....The reason we were ghosts....$4.99 per sheet, a pair of scissors, a hat and neck tie, some lipstick for Grandma...voila, a cheap costume that the grandkids loved. They are still putting towels over their heads and saying "Look, Mom. We are Grandma and Grandpa Ghosties!"

T Rex Mom said...

What fun!!!! Such good family times!