Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finally some pictures, and the camera disaster…


Didn’t I tell you that I would get the picture thing going?  Oh, ye of little faith.  I hope that you really, really savor them, because until I get my new camera, this is all you are getting.  And we are not getting the new camera for a few weeks since we chose the free shipping option…

On our way to our first Thanksgiving stop!


Joseph plays with this school bus all of the time.

Me trying really, really hard not to eat the fudge that was sitting in

our backseat…IMG_8626

Joseph loves this little kitty, and thinks that it feels like heaven against his face.

 IMG_8631 (Please note the adorable Thanksgiving sweater.)

It was really great to be able to let Joseph run free at Jenn’s; they

have lots of cool toys.IMG_8641

IMG_8632 Wheee!

Are you ready for the camera disaster?

Oh, look at cute Joseph riding in the wagon.


(Look out, Caitlin, Look out!)

Ready?  Here it comes!

Bam!  It hits the ground and

IMG_8651 Bingo.  This is what my camera looks like.

IMG_8661 IMG_8662

Too bad, because look at how cute this picture would have been.


But wait, it gets worse.  The next morning, it looks like this.


Why? Why? Why?

So, there you have it folks.

Tomorrow, we are going off into the forest to chop down a Christmas tree. (don’t worry, we have a permit.)  I will try to take some video, because pictures?  Not so much.

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T Rex Mom said...

I am so sad about your camera. So glad to have you and your family join us for Thanksgiving. And SO glad you did not eat the fudge on the way over! We finished the left-overs last night up in McCall!