Monday, November 17, 2008

The trouble with being a giant... that all of the fun toys are way too small for you.

Joseph really wanted to get into the "Jumperoo" that we were borrowing from a friend.

From the front, it looks like he fits in it just fine.


But from the side, you see my poor little tall boy has to bend his legs...


and it was on it's highest setting.

With heavy hearts, we sent this toy back to its owners.

Don't get me wrong, there are many troubles associated with having stubby legs too (I should know...), but that's another post.

P.S.  My little guy just home from the hospital last year.




He had the same hair do!!! Hahaha.

(p.p.s. I get to drop Joseph off at a friends house in an hour and have the rest of the morning to myself!! Lalalalalalala...)


Maureen said...

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your ME time Caitlin - the whole family benefits when you do :)

T Rex Mom said...

How was your "me-time"? I love the baby Joseph photos - he was and is SO cute!