Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Joseph's Birthday Room

This is going to be way out of order, but I had to post it anyway. During my family's Halloween party, my sister set up a room of her house to be Joseph's Birthday Party. We all filed in (3 siblings, 3 spouses, 11 nieces/nephews, 2 VERY pregnant bellies, plus Joseph, Brian, and me) to sing, grab a quick cupcake and move on to the next station.
Here is what Joseph thought of it.

At least he dove right in to the cupcake!!


Momma said...

I don't blame Joseph for crying!! First you turn out the lights, (scary)then you force him to stay on your lap when he really wants to climb up on the table, then you hold that cupcake just out of his reach (several more instances of torture)THEN everyone starts singing and laughing. (More torture??) However...I loved the way he dove right in once the ordeal was over.

T Rex Mom said...

That cupcake looks so yummy! He should do food commercials.