Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not sure what the title should be.

Hello, everyone.
I am blogging this on Brian's laptop. Our desktop computer is down (long story, that I don't completely...okay, or partially...understand.) So I can't add any pictures. Well, I probably could, but I don't know how. And why learn when your husband works with computers? He enables me. Why not? I don't make him cook even though he probably could.

So, Joseph is a bit of a wuss. Yep, pretty wimpy. Here are just a few of his fears :

-The hairdryer (which is kind of scary, I will give him that.)

-The teapot whistle. (Really?)

-The hand-held mixer.

-The sound of foil or Saran Wrap being cut off of the roll. (Because, AHHH! That's scary, folks!!)

-Cookie sheets being taken out of the drawer.

I could go on.

But today, I get to add a new fear to that list.

Getting his pictures taken professionally.

Apparently, when the background is rolled down, it is really scary.

Poor Joseph.

I tried to get his one year pictures taken today, but he just cried the whole time. We were able to get one mediocre shot, tons of crying ones, and a few of his tear-streaked face while he gripped his blankie and my cell phone.

So, after almost 2 hours (they were running way behind), we got only one okay one.

I had a coupon, so I only ended up spending 5 bucks. Take that, Sears.
That's what you get for having such scary, roll-down backgrounds.

The good news is, I know that every time I look at my picture, at the timid half-smile-half-grimace, and the barely veiled terror reflecting in his eyes, I will remember what my sweet, scaredy-cat boy was like at one year old.

Also, we are getting our family pictures taken tomorrow (only one coupon per visit, so I made two appointments. I am cheap like that. Brian likes it.) so I am going to try to get a few shots of just him then. We will just have to leave the room when they want to change backgrounds. And that's okay.

Oh, and no blue vomit yesterday. Hooray!!! Also, he is walking all day long- hardly crawling at all, ever. Think it might be the tubes?


Maureen said...

After that description, I can't wait to see his one year picture! I'm sure it will be priceless :)

T Rex Mom said...

If you check out T Rex's blog you'll find out what he's terrified of! Professional photos are over-rated anyway! Some of the best shots are candids anyway! I can't wait to see how they turned out. I am sad to hear the computer is broken as that means no posts for a while. I so look forward to hearing about your adventures!