Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oregon Trip Quiz


1)  On the plane ride from Newark to Chicago, how many times did Isaac yell the word “BAAAAAAAAA!” at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason?

a) 3 times

b) 5 times

c) 542,807,1514 times




ANSWER: C  just ask the other passengers on our flight.


2)  During the total 7 hour combined in-flight time, how long did Isaac sleep?

a) 20 minutes

b) 45 minutes

c) 1 hr 45 minutes




ANSWER: A  just ask the other passengers on our flight


3)  On the car ride down to Sun River, Oregon the following Friday for my family’s reunion/vacation, how many times did Isaac throw up?

a) 4 times

b) 5 times

c) 7 times




ANSWER: C  My poor, poor baby, and his poor, poor car seat!


4)  When we ran out of wipes and extra clothes during afore mentioned vomit session, and we were in the middle of nowhere with no stores to be found what did we have to use to clean up the puke?

a) ran out of wipes?  I am ALWAYS prepared and had extra!

b) ran out of wipes?  My sister who I was riding with has 6 children  and is ALWAYS prepared and had extra!

c) socks






5)  Later that night in Sun River, which member of my family had to be taken to the Bend, Oregon Emergency Room at 1AM?

a) Brian

b) Joseph

c) Isaac






6)  Which organ did Brian have to have removed suddenly?

a) appendix

b) gallbladder

c) tonsils






7)  The next night, who vomited 8+ times?

a) Joseph

b) Brian

c) Caitlin






8)  Who had to go pick up Brian at the hospital since Caitlin was puking, even though he had to stay up ALL NIGHT the previous night in the ER with him?

a) My mom

b) My dad

c) My brother




ANSWER: B  Thanks pops!


9)  How many people in my family ended up vomiting?  (out of 25)

a) 8

b) 16

c) 12




ANSWER: B and 20 were sick with some version of the same flu

Joseph and Brian never ended up getting it, THank you LORD!!


10)  Who is still recovering from the trip and has to go do laundry, but will write a more detailed post of our otherwise-enjoyable Oregon trip later?

a) Caitlin




ANSWER: a (unfortunately)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yesterday Was…


the first day our local wading pool was open for the summer. (and we were the first ones in it- hello inaugural wade!)


picnic at the park


sticky hands


Isaac’s newly stained swim shirt


dirty knees

sweaty boys


Joseph’s “hot dog dance” when I told him we could go back to the wading pool for round 2

chlorine and sunblock


Isaac’s soggy swim diapered hiney sitting on my lap

squeaky crocs


sleepy silence the whole walk home


nap time on mama’s bed with joseph plastered kitten-style to my back

Isaac laughing at his big brother all afternoon.


the day that I had been dreading


(the first day back and on my own after our Oregon trip)

not so bad after all.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moments in Motherhood




Trying to explain to your 3 year old why he cannot be naked at a beach filled with people.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Own Fairy Tale

So is everyone over the royal wedding that happened a few weeks ago?

Because I was at the book store the other day, and I saw that someone has published a book about the wedding ALREADY (bravo!) and I realized- “Wait a minute!  I have a blog post about the royal wedding that I never published!”

Care to revisit?


The upside to my child waking up at the crack of dawn is that I was able to catch some of William and Kate’s royal wedding live on my computer!

The downside is that he is a boy.  And a 3 year old boy at that.

He stood next to me, digging his sweet little bony elbows into my thigh as he leaned in to see the computer.

Here is our conversation:


“Where’s Mary?  Is that Mary?  Is that Mary?”

“No, sweetie, MARRIED.  Like how Mommy and Daddy are married.”

“And how Uncle Johnny and Erin are married…”

“Well, no actually, they aren’t married.” (hint, hint, John?)  “But like how Mommy and Daddy got married and now we live together and we have you.”

“Is that a police man or the King?”

“Well, that’s actually a priest.”


“Well a priest is kind of like a pastor like we have at our church…”

“How about him, a police man or King?”

“That’s the other prince.  He is the prince who is getting married’s brother.”

“Where’s Mary?”

“No, remember, Joseph marrIED.”

“That prince is getting married too and his brother?”

(At this point I stayed silent and leaned really close to the computer to try to listen)

“Are those horses getting married?”

“Where is the crown?”

“Why those people singing?”

“Is that person getting married?”

“Is that one? Or no?”





“Are they married now?”


“YES JOSEPH!  Yes they are married now!  They did it.”

“Can I play my computer game?”

The End.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moments in Motherhood



The dreaded hand-and-face-wipe

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mother’s Day, Revisited


(Avon by the Sea, NJ)IMG_8090

There is a bit of a trend that I have noticed-

Women either want to give their children a BETTER childhood than they had, or they want to give their children a great childhood because THEIRS was so great.

I am lucky to fall into the latter category.


(A preview of what I am going to look like in 25 years.  I am happy with the prognosis,  My mama is looking good!)

My childhood is a blur of happiness.  Sounds cliché, I know, but there you have it.

Mother's Day on the Jersey shore

Sometimes I just want to crawl back into the warm blanket of my childhood for a day.  Back when my biggest complaint was that my mom (gasp!) made me stop reading to unload the silverware.

(why you got to be like that mom?)


Now, I love being a mother to my own children!

I know I complain and whine, but it is true.


Every day, there is no where I would rather be than being a full time mom to my boys.


So, thank you Mom, for all that you have done for me, and for instilling the joy of motherhood in me from an early age.  However, you didn’t exactly mention how tired I would be and how many body fluids would be involved….


Thank you to Brian for helping me through all of the unexpected tiredness and body fluids!  I couldn’t do it without you!


(My mother’s day cake Brian and Joseph made for me while I was off watching a movie in the theater by myself!  Look how proud Joseph looks!)  (Also, flushed cheeks = tired boy!)


Thank you Maureen for raising Brian to be the great husband and father that he is today!  He is one of a kind, and I know that is due in HUGE part to you!



And thank you to my darling boys for making me a mother!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

If you are flying from NY to Portland this weekend…



You had better hope that you are not on our flight!

Yes, we are headed to Oregon for the next 3 weeks- which is excellent news for me (and, dare I say, for Oregon?) but bad news for this blog!

Never fear, readers, I leave you with two videos to bide the time.


Isaac’s first lime

(starts out slow, but wait for it…wait for it….)


Isaac says “BATMAN!!”

Basically boosted his coolness level a million points on Joseph’s scale.

Okay, okay, he actually says “BAT BA!” but we are counting it!

Also, no, of course that is not a Baby Einstein movie starting up in the background.

It’s just classical music…



I have a couple of things scheduled to publish while I am gone, which I kind of feel like is cheating, but oh well. 

Also, I seem to have lost a blog reader for the first time (death? computer explosion?) so a big thank you to the rest of you for waiting around every week until my kids leave me alone / something embarrassing happens so that I can blog!

As for my Oregon blog readers, I would love to see you while I am in town!


It Must be Summer



First Skinned Knee


First visit to the ice cream truck


(Which, around here, seems to make a sound like a school bell / fire alarm as it cruises the neighborhood, as opposed to the traditional music.  Conveniently Joseph has a fear of alarms, which I am hoping will keep ice cream consumption to a minimum.)


(the eyes were gumballs!)








It also seems to feel like a giant, sticky, hot sauna the moment I walk out the door.  No one else I talk to about this (“MAN!  It is SOOOO hot and muggy today!  So, do you want to hang out and be friends?”) seems to be that distressed or effected.

Which probably means that

a) everyone I have encountered has just moved here from the Amazon, and finds this weather a refreshing change.


b)  I am going to be in some trouble come July.


The upside of humidity- Isaac’s hair is getting a teensie bit curly!  I basically stare at it, touch it, and rub my face in it all day long…SIGH…