Thursday, June 2, 2011

It Must be Summer



First Skinned Knee


First visit to the ice cream truck


(Which, around here, seems to make a sound like a school bell / fire alarm as it cruises the neighborhood, as opposed to the traditional music.  Conveniently Joseph has a fear of alarms, which I am hoping will keep ice cream consumption to a minimum.)


(the eyes were gumballs!)








It also seems to feel like a giant, sticky, hot sauna the moment I walk out the door.  No one else I talk to about this (“MAN!  It is SOOOO hot and muggy today!  So, do you want to hang out and be friends?”) seems to be that distressed or effected.

Which probably means that

a) everyone I have encountered has just moved here from the Amazon, and finds this weather a refreshing change.


b)  I am going to be in some trouble come July.


The upside of humidity- Isaac’s hair is getting a teensie bit curly!  I basically stare at it, touch it, and rub my face in it all day long…SIGH…


blueviolet said...

I love how hair tends to curl up at the back of their heads. It's irresistible!

They're adorable with their ice cream treats!

septembermom said...

The humidity has been horrible! The boys look so adorable. They have the greatest facial expressions!

Jenners said...

Love Isaac's upside down ice cream eating technique!!! And the curls ... so precious! And the worst thing about the East Coast summer is the horrible humidity. It SUCKS!! don't be afraid to use the air conditioning!!

Brenna said...

Well it is kind of the opposite here. I still think someone forgot to tell Oregon that it is spring! Apparently NJ got the news! We are so unpopular....

By the way, cute curls! Isaac's ice cream eating method is better than Aidans! He used to eat his cone from the bottom up! It was a disaster!!!