Thursday, June 2, 2011

If you are flying from NY to Portland this weekend…



You had better hope that you are not on our flight!

Yes, we are headed to Oregon for the next 3 weeks- which is excellent news for me (and, dare I say, for Oregon?) but bad news for this blog!

Never fear, readers, I leave you with two videos to bide the time.


Isaac’s first lime

(starts out slow, but wait for it…wait for it….)


Isaac says “BATMAN!!”

Basically boosted his coolness level a million points on Joseph’s scale.

Okay, okay, he actually says “BAT BA!” but we are counting it!

Also, no, of course that is not a Baby Einstein movie starting up in the background.

It’s just classical music…



I have a couple of things scheduled to publish while I am gone, which I kind of feel like is cheating, but oh well. 

Also, I seem to have lost a blog reader for the first time (death? computer explosion?) so a big thank you to the rest of you for waiting around every week until my kids leave me alone / something embarrassing happens so that I can blog!

As for my Oregon blog readers, I would love to see you while I am in town!



blueviolet said...

He is soooo cute! I love those early words, but good Lord, he's a messy eater. And those lime faces were priceless!

ter@waaoms said...

have a great trip! though, I do think Canada would be an awesome place to visit.... ;)

Jen said...

Awesome videos!

Have a fantastic trip.

septembermom said...

Have fun!! The videos are so cute :)

Momma said...

I think he is actually saying "Bubba" since he sees Joseph in that costume so often, Don't you???

Jenners said...

The lime one just killed me!!! It is like he kept forgetting how awful it was and kept putting it into his mouth. Good for us though!!!

Have an awesome trip!!!!

T Rex Mom said...

It is so cool to see how Joseph interacts with Isaac. It is very similar around here. I like Isaac's amber necklace.

The "batman" word is awesome. Love that. And the lime video made me smile. Tart and sour yet he keeps going back for more.

I read a recipe for a smoothie that calls for the entire lime. Maybe he would like something like that.