Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Own Fairy Tale

So is everyone over the royal wedding that happened a few weeks ago?

Because I was at the book store the other day, and I saw that someone has published a book about the wedding ALREADY (bravo!) and I realized- “Wait a minute!  I have a blog post about the royal wedding that I never published!”

Care to revisit?


The upside to my child waking up at the crack of dawn is that I was able to catch some of William and Kate’s royal wedding live on my computer!

The downside is that he is a boy.  And a 3 year old boy at that.

He stood next to me, digging his sweet little bony elbows into my thigh as he leaned in to see the computer.

Here is our conversation:


“Where’s Mary?  Is that Mary?  Is that Mary?”

“No, sweetie, MARRIED.  Like how Mommy and Daddy are married.”

“And how Uncle Johnny and Erin are married…”

“Well, no actually, they aren’t married.” (hint, hint, John?)  “But like how Mommy and Daddy got married and now we live together and we have you.”

“Is that a police man or the King?”

“Well, that’s actually a priest.”


“Well a priest is kind of like a pastor like we have at our church…”

“How about him, a police man or King?”

“That’s the other prince.  He is the prince who is getting married’s brother.”

“Where’s Mary?”

“No, remember, Joseph marrIED.”

“That prince is getting married too and his brother?”

(At this point I stayed silent and leaned really close to the computer to try to listen)

“Are those horses getting married?”

“Where is the crown?”

“Why those people singing?”

“Is that person getting married?”

“Is that one? Or no?”





“Are they married now?”


“YES JOSEPH!  Yes they are married now!  They did it.”

“Can I play my computer game?”

The End.


ter@waaoms said...


Jen said...

Boys. They will never get the awesomeness that was/is the Royal Wedding.

T Rex Mom said...

That's great. Very have very similar conversations here that often end in repetition.

Jenners said...

Three things.

1. Is there REALLY a need for a book on the royal wedding? I think not.

2. Gosh that would be annoying. I wish you could have recorded it to watch in peace. ; )

3. His hair seems to be turning browner!!!

septembermom said...

The questions keep coming and coming.

Great pictures!!! Those boys keep you hopping mentally and physically!