Monday, July 2, 2012

Switching Gears


I was worried that Isaac would be devastated when his brother was gone camping over the weekend,…

then I worried that maybe he never wanted his brother to come back

hungry hippos

(late night Hungry Hippos/pudding cups/pretzels with his Mama-taken on my phone)


And I KNEW that Joseph didn’t really want to come back


especially when he heard that he doesn’t get to go camping with Grandma and Grandpa again for a whole year! (We have 17 grandkids in our family)



Although he did admit that he missed me a little- especially at night!

IMG_0655(Joseph’s torso is on the bottom bunk)

But, time marches on and here we are, together again, and getting back into the swing of things.

Raining, in the pool

Riding in the rain

Today was a bit of a detox day (from all of the fun and attention the boys received over the weekend), but we made it through and now we are looking ahead to the holiday!!IMG_0635

Speaking of looking ahead- are your neighbors setting off fireworks non-stop?  Or, more specifically, are YOU my neighbors who are setting off fireworks non-stop?

I am all for fireworks!  Love them!

And I don’t want to be the old lady on the street who shouts at cars to slow down (but seriously! 25 mph people!)

But, why in the world would anyone set off fireworks at 2 AM on the 30th of June??!  (technically, I suppose, the 1st of July) And they are gearing up again right now!

Some people have to work in the morning, neighbors!  Not me, actually, but some other people!

Also, please give me some of your fireworks budget money.




ter@waaoms said...

the 1st of July is Canada Day. :P but yeah people seem to love fireworks. I find them a bit scary when it's so close to home! Luckily if I'm inside I don't hear them, but my dog does!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I think that's what I hate the most about this time of year - the nighttime noise!

Jen said...

Ugh! All the fireworks... they drive me crazy. I can't wait until about a week after the 4th when they will all stop.

Maureen said...

Looks like Joseph had a wonderful time on his camping trip - way to go Grandma and Grandpa!!! And, Isaac clearly LOVED being adored by his Momma all to himself. So nice!