Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruminations at 30 weeks pregnant



Pro:  My boobs are bigger than they have ever been before.  Besides breastfeeding I suppose!



(although not sure why this is a pro to anyone but Brian, because MAN do they hurt!  Also, maybe not even such a pro for Brian because, well, MAN do they hurt!)


Con: They are dwarfed by my large belly so no one can ever tell.


Pro:  My large belly makes my behind look smaller than it ever has before!  Downright petite in comparison!


Con:  It is most certainly not petite.  Not. at. all.   As everyone will notice in a few months when the belly stops being an appropriate fixation for your eye.


In fact I might go so far as to say that it is the biggest it has ever been?…but no!  I just can’t.  That is too depressing!  And I could ask Brian, but he will probably just mumble something about needing to work and leave the room.


In other news- sadly, no more Drumsticks for me, as they give me TERRIBLE heartburn!  Oh, they are so delicious, I feel a bit teary just thinking about them, but not worth the burning bile creeping into your mouth at 2 am.

And, if the old wives tales are right (which-apparently they are!) , I am having the male version of Rapunzel.  Because even oxygen seems to give me heartburn!  Wake up in the morning with an empty stomach and- hello stomach bile!


Other than that, and bad lower back pain this week (made worse when I fell in a hole today) (yes a hole) (I don’t want to talk about it), I am peachy keen and trucking right along!

I still am grossed out by rice and the smell of my homemade bread baking.  I have a new recipe in the oven right now for us to try out-fingers crossed!- but we have been having to…wait for it…wait for it…EAT STORE-BOUGHT BREAD! Oh, the shame!!

I am feeling the baby kick all the time- along with some strange “Come feel this lump-what is that?!” moments, which I love.  Every night I fall asleep feeling him move.


The newborn clothes are still in the attic (I think.  I haven’t seen them since before our move), my niece is still sleeping in the bassinet I’m going to use, and I have only bought the baby three things.


Also, I don’t know for sure what doctor or hospital I am going to deliver.

So I should probably get my act together?

Or maybe microwave some s’mores and watch the newest Underworld with Brian?

Yep, I choose that one.



Jen said...

Ha! This is your 3rd baby... you don't need any baby things just a blanket to wrap him in and your boobs. He will be good. ;)

Kidding... now get your act together b/c holy crap you are 30 weeks and not ready. If you couldn't tell I am freaking out for you.

ter@waaoms said...

I like the photos. :)

sorry you have heart burn and fell in a hole, but I bet you'll be posting about that soon, with a sense of humor that seems to be unique to you. :)

T Rex Mom said...

Prop your bed up with bricks. Even 4 inches can make a difference. And have that drum stick early in the day at least 3-4 hours before laying down.

Seriously, you have not started shopping for this little guy? That's the best part!

I hope you are doing alright after that hole fall. Take care and enjoy the last couple months being pregnant. And catch up on rest.

Caitlin said...

hope you're alright about that hole fall. enjoy the pregnancy, not much longer to go!
love from oz,
caitlin x

Jenners said...

I guess you do get more relaxed with the third one...

lisa said...

Hey Sis! I just had a good friend deliver at Portland Providence. I visited her a couple times and was really impressed with all of the nurses she had. I didn't see one nurse on 35ish, and their instincts and knowledge base were huge. I've also done a rotation at St. Vincent's (a little closer to you) and their suites are beautiful! Providence is probably the best health system in the Portland area - I hear it from patients and I personally believe it myself. Just my two cents! Now let's schedule a coffee/shopping date, lady!

lisa said...

see one nurse **UNDER 35ish - and I mean this in a positive way - quality RNs

Brandon and Angela said...

heartburn SUCKS! I feel for you on that one. Oh and my child is bald, very very bald. ;-)