Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot and Bored?


You should make some Cloud Dough!

(image from here)

It’s just

8 cups of flour


1 cup of baby oil

Mix it with your hands, and you have moldable wet-sand type softness!

(recipe from here)


I will, sadly, never ever be making it again.

Because, you see, I have an Isaac at my house


But, if your house is Isaac-free (how boring!), Do it!

Because it was really really cool!

Also, come get Isaac for a little while so I can rest.



Meal Planing said...

My house is not Isaac free, sadly he has only gotten crazier and naughtier the older he gets! Thanks for the warning. ;D

Caitlin said...

Would love to have Isaac, send him down under! A definate possibility for the kids I babysit for!
All the best,
Caitlin x

T Rex Mom said...

After today's disastrous play date one of the kids is on thin ice so I should not tempt him with the possibility of taking Isaac's lead.

Good job though for trying something that could possibly make a huge mess. How did you rate on the staying patient scale? I rate myself every time I bake cookies with the kids.

I actually almost called you to lament the play date. Maybe an email later to detail the events. I think you would have fun writing it if it were your story.