Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve



(Because a baby in a Santa hat NEVER gets old to me…)




My children were nestled all snug in there beds when I snapped these pictures at about 1:30 AM


(remember my baby doesn’t go to bed until midnight, so the merry making started late late late…)

DSC_0207(Yes, Isaac is still in a crib- with a CRIB TENT.  I promise once I get past this newborn stage I will release him!)


Little did I know that Joseph would be awake at 3 AM,

so excited that he couldn’t go back to sleep!

And that he would call me SIX times between 3 and 6 (when we finally let them get up) to ask if SANTA HAD COME YET??!!




(I didn’t tell him that HE HAD!!!)



Of course now I wish I had been more patient with the little guy,

or that I had decided- who cares?!- and let Christmas morning start at 3:00.


Or that I hadn’t whisper-yelled to Brian, “CAN’T YOU BE HELPFUL FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE??!!” while climbing out of bed to answer Joseph.

But, it is what it is,

and it was our Christmas Eve Night!



Jenners said...

No no no no no no … you cannot let Christmas happen at 3:00 am because then you are setting a very dangerous precedent!!

I love that Joseph sleeps with this bat signal at the ready in case he is needed in the night.

I have whisper-yelled similar things to Mr. Jenners. Don't feel bad!

Jenners said...

Oh … and babies with Santa hats NEVER gets old.