Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Out of Sight…



I seem to have a little problem.

Let’s call it “Out of Sight, Out of Mind Disease.”

Like a baby, if something is out of my range of sight, it often ceases to exist for me.

For example,

I think that the reason it is so hard for me to get up with Joseph in the morning is that, during the night, I actually forget that I have a child.

I hear his crying in the morning and, for several seconds, I think,

“Who is THAT?” 

Followed closely by

“Why is that baby crying?”

and finishing with,

“Why doesn’t someone stop it?  Where is it’s mother?” 



That’s me.  The mother.

See why that might be a bit of a hard transition for me?

Don’t feel bad, Caitlin,” you say, “confusion after you have been sleeping is normal.  It is hard to come out of a deep state of sleep and…”

But, I have to interrupt you.



sometimes it happens while he is napping!

I don’t know HOW, because his whole nap time is spent cleaning up his food, making more food for him, picking up his toys, doing his laundry, etc.

But, mostly I am busy thinking of other things like blogging, the book I am reading, American Idol, or  I am trying to convince myself to not, not, for the love of cellulite NOT eat that cookie that I was saving for Brian!!! (aww, he’s trying to eat healthier anyway…)

I hear Joseph make a sound, I jump, and for a split second think, “What…???” 

Apparently, I can be startled by the existence of my own child! 

My final example is the amount of things that I run into / hurt myself on during the day.



Pretty much daily.

That cupboard that is open?  I don’t see it because my head is down, and WHAMO! it rams into my skull.

The dishwasher door?  Well, since I am looking straight ahead, I assume that the path below me is clear, and POW!  by shin is the unwitting victim.

I can’t seem to train myself to be aware of my surroundings.


So…. any tips?

I love you, Joseph, but sometimes Mommy escapes into her mind and forgets all about you for a moment.  Kisses!

Sorry legs, but until I grow another set of eyes (clearly, the only solution), you will continue to be riddled with bruises.

And leg hair.

Not sure what to blame for that…


Heather said...

I normally don't stalk my commenters, but I happened to be online and noticed you left me a comment, so I thought I'd check ya out. This post is hilarious! I'm sorry for your misfortunes. But it was fun to laugh at you. ;)

Dan said...

Catcher's shin pads work well for the dishwasher and a good used football helmet does wonders for the open cabinet door. {*grin*}

Other than that, no solution other than to say that a curse can ameliorate the pain a bit. Doesn't do anything about the blood, but ...

Princess Caitlin said...

Hi Caitlin! I'm Caitlin too.
I googled "Caitlin needs" like everyone's doing right now and found you. lol
I like your blog.
Just thought I'd let you know. :)
Have a super happy day.

Rachel said...

Wow,you have seemed to accomplish what every mother dreams! Tuning your child out so you can relax and enjoy time to your self. I wish I could turn it off, but my brain is always on the clock. As for running into things, I have the same problem, except with my hips.

Jenners said...

This was so funny! I USED to be that way when my child was smaller ... it would startle me to realize that there was an actual child in the house and I was his mother. (I had typed "its mother" but that sounded AWFUL). And I'm always injuring myself...I suspect we may have the same affliction ... early onset mommyhood!

Rachel said...

Awesome Caitlin! I have to say that you have certainly inspired me to try new things. I made pretzels yesterday with Hailey and it wasn't a very good recipe. Then I saw yours and I going to try it. Also, I've reserved a few books on bread making at the library. I'm determined to learn how to do it by hand, no matter how many times I fail.

Maureen said...

Well, I know Joseph likes to shut cupboard doors... maybe he can get going on that dishwasher and soon enough he'll be able to reach the ones overhead! Til then BE CAREFUL SWEETS!