Thursday, February 5, 2009




Today’s “Thursday’s Culinary Adventure” has been postponed due to severe teething (Joseph) and bone-numbing exhaustion (Me.)

From midnight until 7 AM, he woke up 6 times.  Sigh.

I am off to do some retail therapy.

Friday’s Culinary Adventure coming down the pike tomorrow, my dears…

But, because I feel bad when a post has no pictures,

Here is a “conversation” Joseph-style.

2-2-09 025                        “Hey Mom!  I need something!”


2-2-09 010                              “Come on!  In here!”


2-2-09 011                                                        “Get me that!”

                                     Me: “What?”


2-2-09 012                                                                     “That.”

(A tub of Vaseline on the counter.)

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