Monday, February 9, 2009

Our First Valentine Experience…AKA Why No One Will Be Getting Homemade Valentines From Us This Year.


The table was set up and ready to go!

 2-9-09 008 Being a child of a preschool teacher, I love crafts!  I was excited!

Even some fishy crackers ready for a mid-coloring snack!2-9-09 010

Hooray!  Happy Valentines Day!

(By the way, please ignore the HEART in the middle of my face.  Brian was taking the pictures, and apparently didn’t notice.)

Coloring is Fun!!!

2-9-09 011


2-9-09 025

Just interested in the lids?

2-9-09 012

Look at me trying to force the fun.2-9-09 018 2-9-09 014

Joseph was not having it.  He. Would. Not. Color.2-9-09 022


2-9-09 016

And he was done.2-9-09 027

2-9-09 033     Valentine Fail.

So, I ended up doing all of the coloring myself.

2-9-09 039

In conclusion, here is what you, my loving and supportive family and friends, are getting for Valentines Day.

2-9-09 044

A bunch of doodles.  Drawn by me,

And a sticker with a subliminal message for Joseph.

2-9-09 043

I tried!


T Rex Mom said...

Wasn't it E.T. that also recommended "Be Good"? Valentines are over rated anyways. The photos are awesome! And your Valentine decorations are extremely cool! You should show your readers those!

Maureen said...

E for effort Caitlin! And no worries because I don't see how you could have topped last years anyway!