Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad for Business.


Today, being Monday, is the day that I watch 5ish month old baby Parker.

And it was actually a good day.

Really, not so bad

!2-9-09 056

(I don’t want to show Parker’s face because I haven’t asked his parents’ permission to plaster him on the internet.  And, I don’t want to ask them permission, because I don’t want them to know about my blog.  In case Parker ever gets really naughty and annoying!  But, I just wanted to prove that he existed.  )

The day started out a little rough

2-9-09 047

and I started snapping pictures, thinking, “Oh Man!  I can make a really funny blog post out of these!”

2-9-09 046

But, then everyone simmered down.

And got along.

Well, okay, Joseph just cried a little quieter and ignored the baby, but hey…

We even took our first outing together to Barnes and Noble.

I brought my camera along to snap some pictures of the hell that was sure to befall me.

But it didn’t.  And so no pictures were taken.

Sure, there was one moment when I was carrying them both towards the bathroom, as they cried hysterically, while pushing the stroller and sweating profusely.  Like, sweat dripping in my eyes.

But, that was to be expected, and very short lived.

And who could take a picture of that?

I also had a great weekend. 

A trip to the park, got a lot done, took naps, read 1.5 books.


That’s the end of my blog post.

These easy, good, dull, calm, lovely days

are really bad for the blog business.

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