Thursday, February 26, 2009

Out with the old…



As of today, February 27th, Joseph has officially outgrown my favorite pair of shoes that he owns.

His sweet little owl boots.

2-26-09 034 (By Livie and Luca)

He was standing next to me, I reached over to feel where his toes hit, and they were jammed against the end.

(PS  Dear Joseph, I am sorry that I made you run around in too-small shoes at the mall and park yesterday.  That must have hurt.  Learn to talk, already and you can tell me next time!)

I know that you, my readers, could probably BARELY care less, but I am feeling a little nostalgic, and wanted to say farewell to a pair of shoes my baby will never wear again.

2-26-09 037

So, Goodbye, cute owls.      2-26-09 035

You’ve served us well.

Well, HEEELLLLOOOO!! funky gold-striped shoes!

2-26-09 039

Aren’t you pretty? 

(oops!  I mean HANDSOME!!  The shoes are for Joseph, the shoes are for Joseph…)



Maureen said...

WOW, those are the bossest little boy shoes I've EVER seen! The owls were certainly cute beyond compare, but lament no more - he will look cuter than ever and I bet they're fast, too :)

Jenners said...

You have to save these! Too cute! And love the new ones! What a stylin' little boy you have there! Do what you can now -- when they get older they develop strong opinions about footwear and clothes and your days of absolute power are OVER!

Princess Caitlin said...

Oh wow! Those are the cutest baby shoes ever. Love the gold stripes!

Thanks for the comment back, btw. :D

What is up with this - I keep finding all these twenty-something bloggers with adorable little boys.

Precisely where I want to be in a few years. :D