Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Best Day



I’ve never really understood why people say that the best day of their life was the day that they gave birth to their child.

The most life changing day?  The most miraculous day?  The day that you felt a love that you never thought was possibleAbsolutely.

The best day?  Not so much.

Because, I don’t about the rest of you, but my child’s birth involved a little something called LABOR.

Pain, contractions, IVs, pushing, tearing, stitches, vomiting.  I would think that my best day wouldn’t and shouldn’t include any of these.

As for my wedding day.

Infinitely special, romantic, and just what I had always dreamedYes, yes, a million times yes. 

But, also, hundreds of pairs of eyes on me, details, details, details, stress, and feeling so nervous that I was SURE that I would puke. 

(I have a sweet memory of my Dad and I waiting alone together in a room right before it was our turn to walk down the aisle.  I was trying to convince him that I was, indeed, going to throw up, and he was trying to convince ME that it was just nerves.  I ended up walking down the aisle with a mint in my mouth to calm my stomach.)

My sister has a quote in her house from Laura Ingles Wilder that says something about looking back on your life, and finding that the little things were the most important and meaningful. 

I am sure that that is true.  And I don’t think that you should have to choose one day as the best day of your life.  I think that there can be many.

A day spent snuggled up in bed with a sweet smelling, tiny, milky baby. 

The first time you and your future husband kissed or held hands.

A Christmas morning,

a day playing in the snow…

Or today, The Day That I Got My New Waffle Iron

Because Joseph Schmoseph, and Brian Who?

Those waffles were GOOOOD!

2-15-09 046


Then, finishing the day off with a hot bath, Jane Austen, and ice cream…

I would take that over childbirth any day.



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You are hilarious!!!! Seriously, I started getting teary eyed and then you brought up the waffle iron. Hilarious!