Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday’s Favorites and Not So Favorites



I am going to give this a try. 

I dabbled in starting a Friday Favorites feature quite a while ago and then I “forgot about it.” 

And by that I mean that I got sick of it and quit.

This time, I am going to list a Favorite item of the week, and a Not So Favorite item of the week.

They can be my favorites, Joseph’s favorites, Brian’s favorites.. the world is my oyster.

This week, Joseph’s Friday’s Favorite is:

2-26-09 042

Yogurt Covered Raisins  aka “Treats”  (or “Teets” as Joseph calls them. Ha!)

We discovered these babies at Winco last week, and Joseph has been plowing through them at an alarming rate.  In fact, we had to go to Fred Meyer yesterday to get more!

This morning, Joseph ate “treats” until he puked

For reals. 

In retrospect, perhaps I should have stopped him sooner…

But, I did get vomit in my hair, so I think it’s even.

You win some, you lose some.



Our entire family’s  Friday’s Not So Favorite

2-26-09 046

Childproof Cabinet Locks

These things are just about the most annoying thing to happen to my kitchen since the ants invaded last summer.

I like that they keep Joseph out of the trash now (precisely why Joseph hates it), but man these puppies SUCK to open!

Picture this, if you will.

You are holding a child on your hip (most likely whining), and a dirty coffee filter in the other hand while you are trying to keep your eyes open long enough to make your morning pot of coffee. 

Now, open the cupboard to get to the trash.


I have taken to just dumping the filter on the counter and dealing with it later.

The good news is that it has made me recycle a lot more.  It is soo much easier to just dump stuff in the recycling bin.

That’s right, I save the Earth only out of laziness.

So, what are your favorites and not so favorites today? 

(And you can’t just say that my blog is your favorite- you suck ups!! ) 

(Okay, you can.)

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Maureen said...

Your blog IS my favorite :)
Going downstairs to exercise is my not so favorite, but here I go!!!