Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At least it wasn’t a puppy.



Last night, Brian and Joseph went on a little father-son outing to our local garden supply store to pick up some lawn fertilizer.

When they arrived home, Joseph came bursting in the door with a huge smile, carrying this



Yes, it’s a fish.  Brian let him pick out his own little pet fish to bring home.



“Oh wow!” I said, “Ummm…We’re doing fish now?  You got him a fish…?  Where’s his bowl?”


Well, as it turns out, Brian didn’t actually buy him a bowl.

Or any food.

Just a fish.

In an effort to protect Brian’s privacy (he is the man of the house after all), I will skip over what came next, but it may or may not have included explanations such as “he can take a bath with Joseph” or “he can swim around in a cup”. 

And it ended in me taking an impromptu late night trip to Petsmart.


I kept my cool exceptionally well, I think (patting self on back), mostly because Joseph was SO thrilled with the whole situation.


And also because Brian has promised to do all of the tank-cleaning.

This poor little fish isn’t going to last a week.



PS  Did I mention that I hate fish?

PPS  His name is “Fire.”


T Rex Mom said...

OH MY!!!

At least the fish itself was probably only pennies but that bowl probably cost dollars!

Did you also purchase a dog house to go with it?!?

Maureen said...

My very 1st GRANDFISH! Can't wait to meet him :)
That is an adorable me.

Rachel said...

Hahahaha! So funny. Brennan and Hailey went on a daddy daughter date last year and came home with a beta fish. It's still alive and I'm hoping that it dies every day because the fish bowl is so dirty, it's an eye sore. Apparently beta fish live in puddles. We will never get another one. It just takes up space in the corner of my kitchen counter. The kids don't even care about it any more.

septembermom said...

Fire is a cool name. Hope Joseph enjoys the little guy while he lasts.

ter@waaoms said...

:) every boy needs a pet! :)

Jen said...

I am pretty sure you read my post on the whole fish thing. Fish don't die. Trust me. ;)

Jenners said...

He won't last long ... fish never do. A great time to teach the "facts of life" not dealing with sex.

Momma said...

Speaking of Beta...maybe buying a Beta for his next fish would be a way to comfort Joseph when this little 49 cent feeder fish dies. I am sure that Joseph putting chocolate chips into the bowl today will hasten that forgone conclusion. Such a funny story and situation!!!

Nina said...

My boys have wanted fish for years and I have been all about it not happening. Good luck!

suzy said...

this is hands down the FUNNIEST blog entry i have read of yours yet Cait. Thank you.

suzy said...

p.s. good luck when you have to flush. but, who knows... remember my 49 center fish "Fatty?" that guy lasted a good 7 years despite my best interest so who knows...

Together We Save said...

Oh... my daughter wanted a fish... now we have 5!