Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Favorites

I have decided to start featuring some of my favorite things right now.  It probably won’t be every week, but it seems like it would be kind of fun to share with you some of my new finds, plus it will be interesting to look back on later.

This week, I want to tell you about a little card shop that I am REALLY into, called City Bird Designs.  It is on a website called Etsy, which hosts thousands of crafty, homemade objects.  Basically, anything you could want from Superman capes to quilts, you can find on Etsy!

City Bird Designs features tons of handmade cards, invitations, decorations, etc. that are SO adorable!  There is always free shipping, and if you choose one of her 3 card, 5 card, or 7 card specials, each card comes out to only $3.50 each!  This Halloween invitation makes me want to have a party, just so that I can use them!

il_430xN.37689553 il_430xN.37689586

And look at this pear card; couldn’t you just die?!


I am actually hesitant to show these to everyone, because I would prefer to buy them all and have you be surprised/impressed when I send them to you.  Sigh.  Alas, we cannot afford my card-loving habit, so I am trying to restrain myself! 

(I want it!!)il_430xN.36946622

Next time there is a birthday or special event coming up (December and March are heavy-hitters in my family, and October in my husband’s family…), you should check here first.  You don’t have to leave your house, you can get adorable UNIQUE cards wrapped up beautifully and in your mailbox within a couple of days (She ships FAST!), and it is cheaper than a lot of cards that I find at the mall or stores.

Anyway, thought I would share the love, and City Bird Designs- my favorite thing this Friday!!  Check her out here!


PS  I am not in any way affiliated with this card company, other than the fact that I would like to buy all of her cards, and I lurk on her site quite often looking for new arrivals.  And now I am blogging about it.  A little weird, perhaps?…

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carmen said...

caitlin ~ thanks SO much for the kind words about CityBird Designs. you have been my best customer! really love the blog and the cute kiddo pics! i'll have to add you to my faves.

CityBird Designs