Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have a problem.  Well, Brian thinks that I have a problem- I think that it is an endearing, quirky quality.  I tend to leave the bathroom door open while I am getting ready for bed, sending death-beams of blinding light into the bedroom and, consequently, into Brian’s eyes.

Do you think that I do this because:

a) I simply forget to shut the door

b) I am trying to keep Brian awake until I get into bed

c) I get some kind of sick amusement out of hearing him whine and knowing that his retinas are frying

d) all of the above.

Hopefully, you all guessed “a”, but I am sorry to say that the answer is “d” and, if anything, leaning towards “c.”  Hey, I am with a baby all day, and I have to get my kicks in somewhere!

So, after yet another night with the smell of smoking eyeballs in the air (it is a REALLY bright light) and my taunts of “Well, get out of bed and shut the door yourself then!  It doesn’t bother me!!”, Brian decided to do something about it.

Here is what he rigged up:


He went out into the garage to get some twine, tied it around the door knob and


pulled the twine to his side of the bed.  This way, whenever I left the door open (just for a second, I swear!!), he could pull (slam!) it shut without having to leave his bed. 

So, apparently necessity really IS the mother of invention- however I did point out that in the time it took him to rig this up, he could have easily closed the door himself.  And it would have stayed closed for a good 2 minutes before I “forgot” something in the kitchen and left it open again…

Tonight I am bringing scissors into the bathroom…

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Maureen said...

Someone is being a little stinker!
Way to get creative Brian :)