Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello My Name Is...

Age: 10 months

Cheese, yogurt, a good watermelon, fruit puffs, veggie booty... okay food in general. Also, Mommy, Daddy, binkie, blankie, and taking naps (in spite of himself). "Hammering" things, playing with toys, and exploring the park-as long as the grass doesn't touch him! (see below)

Not being able to do everything himself, getting his face wiped, having to hold still to get clothe
s on, the feel of grass, and the carseat.("I hate this grass stuck to my hand!!")

Accomplishments: Crawling, shaking head "no, no" and knocking things off of his high chair for Mommy to pick up. He also has a great eye for electrical cords, and other hazards left laying about...

When He Grows Up He Wants to Be: Mommy's best friend
and her little boy forever and ever!

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mommymolden said...

I love the picture of him sitting in the tub of water- he looks so angelic!