Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Favorite Color and a Haiku

This is my favorite color.


“Why?” You may ask.

It is plain and, well, beige!” You exclaim.

Little do you realize that you are feasting your eyes on the nectar of the gods- my Morning Cup of Coffee (name capitalized to emphasize importance.) 

Half Seattle’s Best Brew and half Yuban Original, brewed up piping hot and mixed with half and half and sugar.  Well, okay, it is half and half and sugar mixed with a Seattle’s Best and Yuban chaser, but, either way, it is delicious. 

(sigh of pleasure.) 

I love coffee.  Coffee to drink, coffee ice cream, coffee candy, lattes, mochas, milk shakes, iced, blended, you name it.

I love coffee so much, I decided to write a haiku about it. (which, as you all know, is the highest form of flattery.)

Here it goes.

A sin or savior?

Without you, love, my head pounds.

I love chemicals.



Maybe I will write a haiku about my husband next.

But only if he brings me a cup of coffee.






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