Monday, September 29, 2008


garbage truck

Dear Garbage Man (Waste Disposal Technician?),

I am afraid of you. The sound of your tank (or “truck” as you call it), strikes fear and panic in my heart.

Before you arrive, peace and serenity are mine. After you leave, all I am left with are hysterical siren wails coming from my baby’s room.

I know that you have a hard, tiring, thankless, and probably often smelly job- but do you think that you could do it a bit quieter?

Thank you!

Love Always,

The Woman Who Glares At You From Her Window

P.S. You seem to have dropped some garbage on my sidewalk…


angie said...

I could use quieter trash p/u too. We actually have 3 rounds on p/u day. One for refuse, one for recycleables and one for yard waste. They pick mine up around 7 am, too. I'd appreciate it a little later! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

hi Caitlin. thanks for stoppin' by! your lil man is a cutie! I'm likin' your blog, too.