Friday, August 9, 2013

Let’s hear it for school supplies!!



Guess who got his school supplies this week?


Did anyone else LOVE getting school supplies??  The fresh pencils!  The blank spiral notebooks!  And maybe you can convince your Mom to let you choose a folder this year with a kitten on it?  A unicorn??  Some sort of kitten-unicorn-rainbow combo???!  It is GLORIOUS!!


(he gets confused between the “rock on” sign and the “I love you” one!)



Joseph, my little rule follower, did not try to convince me of anything.  In fact, I was trying to convince him to get a little something extra!


J: “Can I have this GIANT glue stick for EXTRA BIG craft projects?”

“SURE!  Throw it in!!!”

J: “But,the list only says to get 12 glue sticks!”

“It will be okay, buddy”

“But this will be 13!!”

“No one will care.”

“Can we take one out of the 12 pack??!”

Once I was able to drill home the concept that you can always bring MORE supplies then they tell you, just not LESS supplies, he happily convinced me to throw in a pencil pouch as well.





A few things that also did not go as planned:


- I went to take a picture of Joseph with his school supply list from our district (he had decorated it! I die from cuteness!), only to find that I had lost it.

No biggie, I’m sure Target will have another one in their “school lists” section.


- Target did not have one in their “school lists”section.


- Cue disappointed tears from Joseph.


- Track down a Target employee who, despite the fact that I HAD a list in my sweaty hands just the day before, told me that our district’s list was not out yet.


- Call Brian. (at work)


- Brian finds list online.


- Brian sends me a picture of said list.


- Call Brian again (at work)  wailing, “the picture is too small on my phone!!”


- Brian texts me each individual item on the list.


- A lady stops me in the school section and tells me that I “Need to put EVERYTHING back and go to Walmart, where everything is cheaper.”

I politely explain that we only need a few things, and we are here anyway, so I’m going to go with Target.

“But, those crayons over there??  They were only $0.67 at walmart!”

(They are $0.74 here.)

I politely decline again and start to walk away.

She calls out, “Okay!! But you are basically throwing away FIVE DOLLARS!”

At which time I handed her my writhing-with-boredom 3 year old, and my hungry-tearful-baby and told her that I would pay someone TEN dollars to not have to load up all three of these children and go to another store!!

Not really, I just walked away.

But yes really on the $10.





So, there you have it!! School supplies- hooray!!


Maureen said...

Oh Caitlin...I'm so thankful for the happy endings in these little stories...I LOVED getting school supplies and I'm so glad Joseph did, too! I'm also glad you stuck to your guns even if it cost you a few extra bucks!!!

suzy said...

ahhh!!! I love new crayons the best!! you are such a fun mom. I spy spiderman! I am so excited for joseph/proud of you for letting him go... wah!

T Rex Mom said...

Sounds like an adventure just getting supplies. There were only 5 things on T's list so I just picked them up while I was out and about. He did get a super cool Lego minifigure folder, though, and he is really excited about that - kind of like that kitten/unicorn folder. We also have a backpack on order for him, too. He's excited about school. Sounds like Joseph is, too. Only 2 more weeks! Sigh.

Beth said...

I love school supplies still.... please know I may even have some 'extras' for those "school drives" later in the year. I can not pass up Ticonderoga pencils... love them myself! Good Job....Joseph is a blessed little boy with 13 glue sticks! ( I have an 8 pack here---shhh!)