Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Joseph’s turn at the Fair!





What a different experience at the fair this was!



For one thing, while Isaac insisted we go into every single barn and touch the animals, Joseph requested that we skip them completely, “because the smell of them makes me gag a little!”


I also did not get nearly as many pictures, because Joseph was all about RIDES! RIDES! RIDES!


And while he was tall enough to get on almost all of them, he still (retch) needed (heave) me (hurl) to go (gag) with him (ugggggh.)


Actually, it was not really as bad as I was expecting, except for the time that we went on the tiltawhirl and then immediately onto the Thunderbolt (around in circles, up and down, quite rapidly). 

Joseph was yelling something during the Thunderbolt, actually, and I was worried at first that it was “stop!” or “I’m going to throw up!”, but he was actually yelling, “FASTER!!!”


Other fun memories include:


- On the way into the fair, Joseph said, “Mama, I’m so excited that I could SCREAM!!!!”


- There was an airshow going on simultaneously right next to the fair, and I mentioned to Joseph how it was neat that we could see both since the planes were flying overhead. 

I said, “I guess we are going to the FAIRshow!” and oh how we laughed and laughed!  So, puns are a go now, I guess?

DSC_0024(right before he decided he needed to GET OFF THIS RIDE!!  I saved him.)




- He ate a sundae cone, cotton candy, and a Root Beer snow cone.





- Eating our snow cones from the top of some bleachers, while Joseph gleefully pointed out the various giant piles of poo in the arena below.




- Talking with him about school (or, more acurately, talking with him about his CONCERNS about school) while he licked his ice cream cone.  Among his concerns:  “It will seems so long” “It will be boring to do every day”  “why can’t you teach in the next room or stay outside the door?”  My little sweetie.


It was a thoroughly enjoyable time together, and so nice to be a fun Mama for a while, instead of the one who tells him to clean up his choking-hazard-Legos, and not to sit on his brother’s face!


Also, I can honestly say that the fair is really and truly out of my system!  Until next year!




Maureen said...

Your two boys are as different as my two...and I ADORE the gift of having such diversity between my sons AND my grandsons!!!

suzy said...

awe!!! nate and I are talking about your kids. he wants to tell you that you are doing a good job! and that you are a good mom. "because if anyone needs my affirmation, it would be her." -nate :)

(we really do love you tho!)