Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


You know it must be February 14th if your day starts out with these babies


(my Mama raised me right)

and with maybe one of these toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch


(Stay tuned for dinner- it’s going to be ALL red!!!  Brian is such a lucky man.)

Unfortunately, my lover boy is sick today, but he is determined to break the stereotype I mentioned last week and is being surprisingly non-whiny.  What a punishment for me, eh?

The boys each got a little present


(please don’t tell them that they are supposed to get candy!  We are keeping that a secret for a few years.)

and yesterday they spent about 42 seconds making Valentines.



I set up the hearts, the stickers, the doilies, the glue, the glitter, and ushered in my three menfolk.

They made 3 Valentines between them (Joseph 2, Brian 1), Isaac threw things, and they made their escape.

I yelled to Brian, “Hows about we have some girls next time?!” and started clean-up.


Also, I am 99.5% sure that Isaac swallowed one of those googly- eye stickers.  Which will make for a REAL interesting diaper tomorrow.

I will spare you a picture, but I DO think it would make for some interesting blog titles, “EYE smell poop”  “EYE found a surprise” etc.

But, I digress.


Here are a few pictures of my two little Valentines, slightly blurry because they were rocking and laughing so hard, which I really didn’t mind at all.










Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must get off the computer and visit the rest of your blogs later.

I have decided that nothing screams “LOVE” and “ROMANCE” like a trip to Target with two children, oui?


T Rex Mom said...

Hmm - girls don't necessarily make better Valentines. Bebe Sister did not send any out this year as her did not really come together since she was more interested in eating them. T Rex, too, but at least we managed in the end.

Fun way to make your day extra special all those fun heart shaped foods.

Oh - three pairs of Super Hero pants cut. They are going to be SO cool!

blueviolet said...

Gosh darn, those kids are cute! I love seeing Isaac's little lower teeth in that one shot. :)

britney said...

I would've made Valentine's with you!

Maureen said...

Great "Charmers" photo shoot and once again, way to keep it fun!

ter@waaoms said...

Charmers, indeed.

Jenners said...

I would have sat and made Valentine's with you for hours!!! Love the matching shirts.