Monday, February 7, 2011

Must Be a Monday

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Isaac has a cold for the first time since October (which means it is the first time that he can remember EVER) and he thinks that he might die.


It is pretty gnarly- especially because he is insisting on having his binky all day, which means that his drippy nose drips down into his binky, and then mingles with the drool, and makes one heck of a sludge that my tissues can’t keep up with but which doesn’t seem to deter him from sucking on it.


He has also decided that he must be with me at all times, and that he will only be happy with me murmuring soothing words and stroking his head while simultaneously juggling, making balloon animals and doing cartwheels. 

At least I think that must be what he wants, because I have yet to get it right this morning.


I have read 504 books so far--- and by that I mean I have read the same book 504 times. 

Let me tell you, after about 362, Baby’s Busy Day starts looking a lot less busy and more…well.. monotonous.


My house is a disaster, my morning cup of coffee has been heated up in the microwave 3 times (number four is in order) and I just found a wet smear of something green on my shoulder.


My morning’s soundtrack has been a shrill whining sound, punctuated with  Isaac’s hysterical sobs any time I do something mean like not let him  carry around a butcher knife or climb into the dryer.


Schnookums does have a 99.1 degree fever after all.


All this to say that Isaac DOES indeed have the y-chromosome, which therefore makes him unable to cope with any illness.

Also I have a dentist apointment.

How’s your Monday lookin’?


PS:  I’m sorry if I have offended any men by lumping you in with the standard stereotype that men are wimps when they are sick.  I am sure that some men handle their illnesses with nary a complaint or need, and to you men, I apologize.  Also, say hello to the unicorns for me.


Jen said...

Sick babies are the worst!

sarah said...

you dont know me, and technically, i dont know you either. my friend heidi (joel sonodas wife) sent me your way. i have a 2 year old girl, and an 8 mo old little boy who happens to have a runny nose right now, and i know JUST what you mean.

and thank you so much for the laugh! i love that first picture. my little man cold sufferer doesnt even have a temperature, but would i am sure, agree with all of isaacs demands and request one of each for himself as well.

ter@waaoms said...

feel better soon Isaac!

Jenners said...

Oh ... the glamorous carefree life of a stay-at-home mom. Hope he gets better soon!!

And yes ... boys/men are TOTAL BABIES when they are sick. At least Isaac actually is a baby.

britney said...

I love your blog.

T Rex Mom said...

At least it's not Dr. Seuss! I hope it all improves soon.

suzy said...

:) poor kiddo. throw the book out the window. or into the garbage disposal. whoops!