Friday, March 6, 2009

Nope, I’m Not Dead



I’m just now getting to my blog, as Joseph cries outside my door. (He’s with Brian, so he’ll get over it.) 

I could have done some blogging earlier, but I sacrificed you guys for a nap. 

I would like to think that you would do the same.

We spent the day at the Bird’s of Prey Museum, where Joseph ran around yelling like a wild man (the sign CLEARLY said to be quiet out of respect for the birds), laughing, and generally ignoring the cages full of birds that could eat him.  Or me.  Seriously, these birds were HUGE

He only really acknowledged their presence at the end of our visit, when he “Quacked” the whole way out of the museum. 

Sorry, tour guides, my son thinks that your “rare, intelligent, wild Condor” is a duck.


Joseph has been experiencing a little “separation anxiety” this week. 

And by that I mean that he has been plastered to me like a cast. 

As in“get off my leg or I will kick you off!” (lovingly..) 

I know that someday I will probably miss it, but for now, I would like to poop without someone clinging to my thigh or having me in a choke hold.

The upside of this “special Mommy time” is that we have taken a LOT of self-portraits this week.

Of course, I hate myself in every one of them, but what’s mine is yours, dear readers.

So, here you go.




Maureen said...

Oh Caitlin... to have my boy wanting to hang out with me like that again would be heavenly - for a while anyway :) Hang in there super mommy!

T Rex Mom said...

Thomas was doing that too but then yesterday at the allergy office he climbed up into a grandmotherly woman's lap and clung to her! After prying him off of her (and turning red from embarrassment) I wished he was still doing that to me and not random strangers! I can only imagine what the woman must have thought (of me)!

Jenners said...

The photos are so cute ... and I remember separation anxiety ... not easy for anyone!

suzy said...

so cute...