Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting To Know You…


(The first “Getting To Know You”  is here.)


 Since first interviewed my number one man, Brian, the natural choice for this week was my number one woman- my Mom!  (Isn’t it weird that, since I have no female children, she is still my number one gal?)

Mom was nice enough to interview with me over the phone while on her way to church:


1)  So, Mama, how is it having such an adorable, sassy, writer extraordinaire for a daughter?

Humbling.  You are so funny, that it makes me feel like a fuddy-duddy. (The woman speaks the truth…)

However, people say that you are a lot like me, so perhaps it’s flattering!.


2)  Please rate your children from Best behaved to worst behaved, starting, of course, with Carrie:

As Children:  Carrie (I told you), Daniel, You, and Christin.

As Teenagers: Carrie, You, Daniel, and Christin.

You were a very naughty child.  Very naughty.  Just ask Daniel! 

(my brother had the blessing of my presence for the most time since he is the closest to me in age.)


3)  4 children, 14 grandchildren, why do you think we reproduce so uncontrollably?

We all like sex.

I mean, we all have healthy sexual relationships.

I mean, we all have a tender heart towards children.


4)  After being married for 37 years, what is your best piece of advice?

Laugh a lot.  Not in a ridiculing way, but just in enjoyment of each other.

Or ridiculing.  

Whatever it takes.


5)  How about your best advice on being a mother?

Try to be cheerful.  In the middle of the night, in the early morning, whatever.  Just be cheerful.  I think that I am a very cheerful person.

-Annoyingly cheerful if I remember my teenage years correctly.

Well, okay then.  Be as ANNOYINGLY cheerful as you can.


6)  What do you remember about my childhood?

We were just able to enjoy you more.  Your joy of discovery, all of your different stages.  We weren’t in survival mode anymore, so it gave us a different perspective.


7)  Why didn’t you intervene during my horrible awkward stage?

Oh, honey, styles change.  In comparison to those around you, you looked cute!  Everyone was awkward then. 

(She has to say that because she’s my mom!)


8)  Seriously, you don’t look a day over 35 (I’m working my way to Number 1 Best Kid… )  Do you have a beauty secret or tip?

Just to smile.  Everyone looks better when they smile.


9)  Wildflowers + You = Best Friends.  Why?

They are just so serendipitous. (I swear, she used that word.)  No one plants them, and yet there they are!  It is like a little hidden treat.


10)  Share with the world- how did you feel when you found out little Whoopsie-Daisy-Caitlin was on the way when your other kids were 11,9, and 6.

Really, really upset.  I cried.

We had gotten rid of ALL of our baby things, Daniel was starting Kindergarten, and I was looking forward to the new phase in my life.

I couldn’t believe it when the test was positive.  I just stared and stared at it.

Then, that Sunday in church, I saw a cute little 3 month old baby girl.  I thought, oh look, that’s not going to be so bad!  Then, she threw up all over everything, and I thought WAAAAHHHH!  NO!!

(I’m not going to lie, this answer was a little humbling…I know that she feels the opposite now.)


11)  Christin, Carrie, Caitlin, why was Daniel left out of the “C-club?”

We were just done with C’s at that point.

-But what about “Caitlin?”

That was a coincidence, actually.


12)  How do you feel about me living in Boise?  Do you cry every night, or every other?

Every other. (She has to say that to keep the other kids from getting jealous.)

It is really hard; it always feels like someone is missing.


13)  Who is your favorite child?

I can’t answer that.


- But you’re winking at me over the phone right now, as a signal.  Right?  Right?

You bet.


Ter said...

wow, that's freaky. I almost thought you were talking to yourself. ;)

T Rex Mom said...

Great interview! You mom seems to sweet. When do we get to meet her?

Amanda said...

that is adorable. Your mom is hilarious. Loved it!

Maureen said...

You certainly have your Mommas quick wit and sense of humor, as well as her cheek bones :) Good interview!

Jenners said...

So funny! And now we see a little bit of how you came to be who you are! Sounds like you have a great mom!

Jen said...

What an excellent idea for a post. I am totally going to steal it.

Anonymous said...

I see where you get your delightful personality from!!!

Brandon and Angela said...

this is so sweet, makes me want to go hug my own mother!!! -Angela