Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Morning!



Today, I am spending the day with just my very own little boy.

No one else to watch,

Just him

and me.

So far, we haven’t showered, gotten dressed, or cleaned anything.

We’ve just been kicking back,


and eating lots and LOTS of cereal.    IMG_1850


I’m hoping for more of the same.


Hope you have a lovely, relaxing morning as well!


Maureen said...

You two have a GREAT DAY! I bet you'll read "Mouses First Spring"

Rachel said...

Have a great day and enjoy! By the way, is Joseph watching TV in the photos?

Caitlin said...

Ha! Yes, yes he is.... You caught me!

T Rex Mom said...

Pajama day? Those are the best. Enjoy!