Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Favorites and Not-So-Favorites



I’m alive!  It’s true- I seem to be feeling a teensy eeensie weeensie bit better tonight- but I don’t want to jinx it!

So, this week’s

Friday Favorite is:


Seeing my sweet baby playing with my Dad! (My dad had a business trip in town, and got to stop by for the day yesterday.)


When he hears any noise today, he gasps and runs to the door, thinking it is his Grandpa.  So sad.

And, my Friday’s Not-So-Favorite is:

(Insert complaint about my illness here.)

You pick:  Throat full of razors, I sound like a man, I am coughing up a lung…

Whatev.  You get the idea and no one likes a whiner.

But, really, this sickness is not my fav.

To end on a positive note for the weekend, here is my adorable son:



Seriously, don’t you just want to squish him until he explodes??!!

… No?

Oh, and he thought he was SOOO funny putting these stacking cups on his feet and saying, “Socks!”


That’s all I have for you, folks. 

Enjoy your weekend.


Maureen said...

Such adorable pics with Grandpa :) And he is right, that is pretty funny pretending cups are socks!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, he's such a cute little guy!

Ter said...

I wonder where he gets his silliness from...

his mom perhaps?! ;0)

T Rex Mom said...

It looks like a nice visit with your dad. I sure hope you're feeling better soon. And the photos of Joseph are awesome - he looks SO cute with his ball cap on.

Princess Caitlin said...

Aaaaw! He looks a lot like your husband in that third pic. :D

I usually think his pics look more like you!

Nina said...

He is so cute...