Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things That I Learned Today



- Spot Shot can get an entire bottle of Pomegranate salad dressing out of the carpet.  It’s a miracle worker!

Which brings us to:

- A glass bottle of Pomegranate salad dressing does not bounce when dropped (thrown) with gusto by a toddler.  It breaks.  In a big way.


- Someone in Boise made the same dinner tonight as I did.  After we both reached for the same 4 ingredients at the same time,IMG_1887 I said “Okay, what are you making?!”  Yep, lettuce wraps!! (They were delicious!)


- If you suspect that your toddler has a broken nose, there is nothing to be done about it until the swelling goes down.  Then, if the said nose is crooked, bring him in to the doctor.  Otherwise, good luck.


- I suspect that Joseph may have broken his nose.  Not crooked yet, but swollen and slightly bruised.  Some bruising around the eyes as well this evening.IMG_1871

IMG_1872  IMG_1867

(The swelling about an hour after hitting it on the stairs at the playground)


- When you have a bad nose injury, blood comes out of the MOUTH as well as the nose.


- A screaming toddler with a mouth and nose gushing blood draws quite a crowd at the park.


- Day 2 of tulips makes me just as happy as Day 1.

IMG_1895 Maybe I will keep a set on my table all spring?


- Contrary to popular belief (mine), my son CAN play by himself for more than 30 seconds at a time.  IMG_1899


It was lovely and adorable.


- White Vinegar + My Eye =   IMG_1882

(Don’t ask.)



So, not quite the quiet day that I had envisioned this morning, but alls well that ends well, right? 

And tonight is ending very, very well.


(PS: Brian and Joseph helped eat the brownies- I swear!!)


T Rex Mom said...

Goodness, it sounds like you had a rough day. Tomorrow is another day...(Thomas hurt his nose really badly several months ago. His nose was bruised for 6-8 weeks but eventually the swelling subsided and the black and blue went away. I got a lot of interesting looks from people. And I've broken my nose - they told me the exact same thing. I have NOT had to have surgery.)

Mommy of M's said...

Well at least you have your tulips and brownies!

Maureen said...

so sorry for your injuries yesterday; hopefully that young nose is still mostly cartilage! Yummy looking dinner and DESSERT!