Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Focus on the Positive



I could whine about how I have to watch Baby Parker again today.

I could then tell you about how it turns Joseph into a marathon-whining, leg-clinging mess.

But, you are all dealing with your own things today,

So, instead, here are a few things about my day that make me happy:




Joseph taking down all of my Easter decals and sticking them in his shape sorter. 


I can’t help but laugh.


Anyway, I hope that you all have a wonderful Tuesday-

I will be back to my regular, witty, self as soon as I can shed this kid-whining-poop-wiping-ABC-singing fog.

AKA tomorrow.  (I hope!)


Nina said...

I love tulips, can't wait to see mine start popping up soon.

That was cute that he took you decals down. My mom always put up decals and I don't decorate at all for an holiday but Christmas. I really should because I have great memories as a child from the decorating. You would think I want the same for my kids.

suzy said...

don't tulips just make you feel so much happier? and they're typically pretty cheap! nathan just got me some from this cute little dutch farm in hillsboro... 10 tulips for $5... a good deal is a good deal! enjoy friend.

blueviolet said...

I love tulips. They're the perfect spring flowers.

Jenners said...

Oh -- tulips are so happy.
And I hope next week is better for you ... but your son is just a doll baby and you'll look back on all this and just wish you could live it over!

Jen said...

L-O-V-I-N-G the flowers. I now have to go and get myself some.

T Rex Mom said...

Fred Meyer for the tulips? I saw they were on sale! Thanks for letting us hang out today. It was great to have a break from our routine.

Maureen said...

Way to treat yourself Caitlin. Sometimes it doesn't take much does it? Plus, the jellybeans and berries look even better in those great bowls!

Rachel said...

Your comment made me smile.