Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Name is Caitlin and I have a Baby Shoe Addiction.


Once upon a time (just a few months ago) Joseph had a pair of Elephant Shoes from Livie and Luca.


He wore them, they were soft and wonderful, he got compliments wherever he went. 

Then they got really scuffed up, like really really scuffed up, and I vowed to not buy him another pair in this style. 

His owl boots lasted like crazy, so I am not writing off the brand, but the “trunks” on these were not so hot for a crawler.

A little part of me died tonight when I saw these

beauties in Livie and Luca’s Spring Collection:





I simply cannot do it- especially at that price tag. 

But boy, oh boy, oh boy do I want to!!!

Maybe now that he’s not crawling anymore… (just kidding Brian?)

(PS, If I had a girl, I would be in even MORE trouble!  Check out these ones, and these ones, and these ones and…)


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you can't do it? Because dang, those are cute!

Mommy of M's said...

You always pick the cutest shoes!! M2 got a new pair of Nike's, we call them his 'walking shoes', I'll have to post a picture.

Jenners said...

Oh...they are so cute! At least this addiction won't last FOREVER so I say feed it in the brief time you can!