Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hooray for Spring!!



As of today, March 3rd, our Morning Walk has been reinstated.

Come rain or shine or snow

well, just come shine,

We’ll be out there trekking the neighborhood.

Fresh air makes for better naps,

it gives me time to drink my coffee,

and it resets Joseph’s whine-o-meter.

Welcome, Spring! We are bored and restless without you!


Since I didn’t take any pictures of our morning walk, here is

Joseph Standing On The Table This Morning for your viewing pleasure.


Swinging the chandelier, stomping around, clapping, eating pens

I know, I know, it is a horrible idea,

but he was so cute and so happy

IMG_1693 (Clapping! He claps with his hands closed into fists.)

and sometimes I have to just let me be the little curious, mischievous, toddler boy that he is.

Plus, look what happens when I get him down.


And Nobody wants to listen to that.

Nap time for Joseph!



Jenners said...

This was too cute! I let my son do all kinds of inappropriate things too -- you can only stand on a table and not have it collapse for so long, right?

Momma said...

Caitlin...JUST...SAY....NO!!!!! You are going to regret that boy on the table trick, I can guarantee you!!
Signed,....Anonymous (certainly not Momma!)

Maureen said...

Wow, you are in deep trouble Caitydid - with those HUGELY contrasting expressions it is going to be REALLY tough to say no to that cutie pie, but of course your momma is right :)