Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dental Hygiene


Joseph:  “Yummmm….”

Me (in the middle of brushing my teeth):  “What?  What’s in your mouth?”


(Luckily I have my camera on the counter beside me…)

No!  Wait, don’t run away!”



Come back!  What’s in your mouth, Joseph?!”


Give me that!  What is it?”



Oh, lovely.  The entire roll of mint-flavored dental floss!

Joseph: “Yummmmmm….”


T Rex Mom said...

Mint is the new favorite flavor? Thomas loves to open and close the old dental floss container. I gave it to him and hope he will someday think flossing is cool. Sounds like Joseph already does!

Ter said...

Wow, Joseph, you're so smart to be flossing your teeth!!

(that's so funny, especially how you were composed enough to keep taking pictures, and not totally freaking out that he had some unknown substance in his mouth! LOL )

Nina said...

LOL.... I think they will put anything in their mouths.

Yesterday Thomas tossed his toothbrush in the toilet. Then he had a major meltdown when I put it in the trash. It wouldn't have bothered him one bit to put that tooth brush back in his mouth.

Maureen said...

Please tell Joseph that GRANDMO is SO impressed with his desire to floss at such a young age... he is SO advanced :)

Amanda said...

I'll bet he did have some great smelling breath after that though!!