Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Company Deprived


(Company-Free sounded too negative.)

Well, my in-laws are heading back to Oregon, Brian is working, and Joseph and I are back on our own.

I’m not sad, though, because tomorrow, we will be heading to Oregon ourselves, and getting our fill of company.

Here is a collage of the weekend:

Mark and Mo March Visit

so that you don’t have to sit through millions of individual pictures.

Although, I’m sorry to say, you will have to sit through a few more.

I wish that I had something witty to say to close this post, but Joseph has been getting up at 5:30 again (Why, God, Why????) and my brain is a little slower to start.



suzy said...

hi cait! I LOVe the pergola! also, where did you hear of that fun name? pergola? it's such a fun, asian way of saying porch wood overhang. it's so beauteous!

also, you're in OR soon?! can we do a take 7 at seeing each other?!

Nina said...

I am always glad to see company and then watch them go. I like it when things are back into my normal routine.

Enjoy your trip to OR.

T Rex Mom said...

Great collage - I think the one of him putting on your shoes is my favorite because we at that stage too - close to home. And I love Joseph's camo overalls!

Looks like a very fun visit with the family. Did they get up with Joseph at 5:30 and give you a break?

Anonymous said...

Does he ever frown? He's the happiest boy!