Monday, March 16, 2009

Morning Walk Adventure



Which of these things do you think did NOT happen on our morning walk this morning:

1)  We saw that someone in our neighborhood had a Christmas tree set out with their trash.  A real live (well, used to be) Christmas tree complete with tinsel and tree stand.  (What??…)

2)  Joseph quacked the whole way very loudly because he saw so many birds. (Or “ducks.”)

3)  We got to the local park and up on the play structure.  THEN, I noticed that there were 3 police cars just down the street, and another 2 circling the neighborhood with their lights on.

4)  I panicked, grabbed Joseph (who was crying b/c he didn’t want to leave so soon) and started speed walking home- cursing myself for not ordering my pepper spray yet.

5)  Joseph thought that one of the said officers who was walking down the street was Brian.  (He WAS tall with dark hair.) 

He shouted “Dada! Dada!” and reached frantically for him while I tried to look like a casual, law-abiding citizen who was NOT kidnapping some child from his beloved father. 

Yes, Joseph,  I wish that cute man in the uniform was your father too. (Just kidding, Brian!)

6)  It started to rain.

7) There was lightning.

8)  I got to finish my coffee.

Happy Monday everyone!



T Rex Mom said...

I hope the rest of the day improves! See you tomorrow!

suzy said...

freaky! did you turn on the news and figure out what the scandal was? hope it was something juicy

blueviolet said...

That IS spooky and I'm glad you got home safely. Who knows what danger was lurking?

Amanda said...

Wow that is quite a way to start your morning! Hope it got better!!

Momma said...

So which one didn't happen? You didn't get to finish your coffee?

Maureen said...

I vote for # 8, too! The rest is just to unreal to not be true! Can't wait to hear Joseph "quack"

Nina said...

What a sucky trip to the park!!! Did you ever here what was happening?

I laughed at the Christmas tree just because my mom is one who still has her tree up and my dad is the type that can get just mad enough about it that he would drag it to the trash, stand and all. I can just picture it. LOL...

please sir said...

Oh goodness - have a great day!