Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday’s Tribute- Hats



Today, I would like to shine the spotlight on hats.

Is your hair greasy and unwashed?

Does it hang from your head like a stringy mop?

No problemo,

just pull on a hat!


Instantly, your grease is covered and you will look cute and sporty!

Everyone will look at you and think, “Cute hat!  She must have just worked out!”

No need for a shower AND I look healthier and more athletic?

Sign me up!!!


Wait…at least, I THINK that is what everyone is thinking.

They MAY be thinking, “Oh look, that lady hasn’t showered yet and is covering her grease with a hat.”

In which case, please keep your thoughts to yourself.


Hats, you may not be miracle workers, but you do what you can-

and for that I salute you!

(Dare I say “Hats Off To You?”…Too much?)




Ter said...


now where's the photo of you with your hat?

T Rex Mom said...

Yes, I've never seen you in a hat - which is your favorite kind?

Jenners said...

Hey -- don't be giving away Mommy trade secrets!!! I always wear a hat when I take my son to school because of bed head problems ... I wonder if they are onto me or think I'm sporty?

Anonymous said...

I look stupid in hats.

Deb said...

great tribute! very cute. and yes! hats off to hats!

i may be living in one soon, as i am trying to grow out my natural color. i am beginning to have major root issues.

mommaof4wife2r said...

my fav kind of hat...baseball. i donned that baby this morn until i could shower at 3...love the ode to the hat!

texasholly said...

I can't do hats. But they look super cute on others...

Maureen said...

All that was missing from that great blog entry was a picture of YOU in some boss, sporty hat!!!