Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Problem: You don’t like anything your Mom gave you for dinner.




-Whine until your Dad gives you something fun to play with, like his Coke bottle.

2-26-09 022

-Put that yucky food into the bottle, piece by piece.

2-26-09 007     2-26-09 008

-Some things might be too big-

2-26-09 012

Just break off a chunk.       2-26-09 013

-Shake well      2-26-09 010


2-26-09 004


T Rex Mom said...

Awesome!!! I will be using that trick! Thomas is better about eating things his dad feeds him than things I feed him. Strange, huh? Loved the post.

Ter said...

lol, silly boy.

Caitlin, I would like to thank you for your post yesterday on my blog. I was having a real lousy day (obviously) but seeing all the caring posts really helped. So Thank You.

Nina said...

That is so cute!!! My youngest loves putting things in bottles like that.

Jenners said...

Did he really drink it after putting it all in there? Was that soggy bread? Ick!

Jen said...

if you don't like dinner, throwing on the floor or putting on your sibling's tray works well too. ;)